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https://www.osabest.com/en/ Hang Quan Technology Co., Ltd.
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Perception, Control, Internet

Obligation Safety Automobile

The logo of OSA design by the first character of each word above which is our kernel and target why we create the Hang Quan Technology.

OSA has long-term commitment is to develop various sensor modules. With a team of experts specializing in quick system integration, professional intelligence perception capabilities, and rich R&D and production technology experience, we provides professional services tailored to meet different customer needs. OSA develop several radar sensing modules that have obtained TELEC certification, and has sold more than 10 kinds of sensing modules in Japan. At the same time, OSA has laid out special markets, construction equipment, smart cities, and industrial applications, focusing on the development of "sensing, core controllers, and interconnected clouds", with safety and intelligent protection as the main axes, and is committed to developing products that can improve the quality of people's lives. Our vision is to become the world's leading provider of smart city solutions, and to provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

OSA has been became the distributor of JVC KENWOOD vihicle audio system in Taiwan for many years and over 5000 units of various audio systems been sold in domestic market.

In 2024, OSA also became the sole distributor of Japanese company AKASAKATEC INC. (AKT) in Taiwan, to representing their professional surveying grade RTK GNSS satellite positioning receiver products and introducing AKT's software system for large construction machinery, rollers, dozers, large booms, and marine engineering position guidance application in Taiwan market.

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Services: Automotive Electronics,Control unit,Radar Applications,Electric Motorcycle, RTK GNSS,Cloud integration

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