Water Level Measuring System3
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Water Level Measuring System

Real-time detection of water level height, upload information to the cloud through the network, collect and analyze big data, and control the flood control application of water information smart city at any time.


● All in One Design.Low power.
● Easy to install and maintenance.
● Light Weight、IEC IP68 water and dust proof certified.
● Industrial Standard RS 485 Interface Modbus data output
● 24GHz Measurment Accuracy : ±10 mm

WLS Cloud employs amesh sharing mechanism to obtain readings from other users.For instance, users such as Robert, Emmy, Richard, and Linda have individually installed hydrological, rainfall, and bridge monitoring stations within the cloud-based monitoring system, OSA. These users may share monitoring information by adjusting the settings on OSA's platform. Additionally, users have the option to establish upper and lower limits for each physical quantity being monitored. In the event of abnormal readings, an alert message will be promptly dispatched to the designated party via Line, email, or SMS, thereby enhancing the efficiency of disaster control and prevention measures.